Entrepreneurship on the RISE

Tad Deriso on Getting Connected within your Region

August 09, 2022 RISE Collaborative Season 1 Episode 7
Entrepreneurship on the RISE
Tad Deriso on Getting Connected within your Region
Show Notes

Connectivity is a key consideration when it comes to bringing new people, businesses, and job markets to the region and MBC works to do just that. That’s why episode 7 of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast is about how MBC is allowing our region to get connected!

CO.STARTERS Generator is a modular self-paced program that helps middle school, high school, and college students explore their passions through generating, testing, and launching ideas for businesses and social ventures. With the ability to participate individually or with a classroom or community group, CO.STARTERS Generator is a great way to inspire youth with the vision, enthusiasm, and tenacity needed to move from idea to action. 

In this episode of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast, Jacob and Lauren, joined by their guest Tad Deriso are sharing what you can expect to see from MBC in the near future and how learning from your mistakes not only allows you to grow as a person, but allows you to better provide for the communities you serve. Some of the talking points we go over in this episode include:

  • The ways in which Tad’s role and the ecosystem has shifted during his time working with MBC. 
  • How connectivity creates a pathway to bring jobs to the area. 
  • What we cam expect to see in terms of universal broadband over the next 2-5 years. 
  • What digital equity means for a community and how to get involved. 
  • How MBC and Microsoft are coming together through the SOVA Innovation Hub to better serve the people in the region. 
  • The skills and mindsets we should be instilling in our students to prepare them for the job market. 
  • Learning to accept your mistakes in order to learn and grow from them. 

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