Entrepreneurship on the RISE

Kristin Slice on Inclusivity and Accessibility in Entrepreneurship

July 12, 2022 RISE Collaborative Season 1 Episode 2
Entrepreneurship on the RISE
Kristin Slice on Inclusivity and Accessibility in Entrepreneurship
Show Notes

It is so important for every type of entrepreneur to have a seat at the table because there is strength in experiences from all walks of life and that strength is going to be what keeps other entrepreneurs motivated to move ideas forward. This week, episode 2 of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast is about generating inclusivity and accessibility in entrepreneurship!

In this episode of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast, Jacob and Lauren, joined by their guest, Kristin Slice are sharing the importance of moving the conversation around entrepreneurship forward and creating a pipeline to support entrepreneurs within our communities. Some of the talking points we go over in this episode include:

  • How do we define entrepreneurship, why it is so important for entrepreneurship to be inclusive, and how we can wipe away the power dynamics we have held onto to create these inclusive opportunities. 
  • Using “catalyst drivers” to identify, empower, and give a platform to create innovative and quality programs for the benefit of the communities they serve. 
  • Kristin’s advice for adapting and pivoting to a virtual environment. 
  • The ways Kristin’s program leverages students to exemplify the entrepreneurial culture and journey early on in hopes of building the future of entrepreneurship from the ground up. 
  • The importance of fostering a culture of leadership that promotes creative freedom to solve issues and promote economic growth in a new way. 

In order to help entrepreneurs, you need to add to the conversation, not just take part in it.  

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