Entrepreneurship on the RISE

Natalie Hodge on Representation of Small-Town Stories

July 12, 2022 RISE Collaborative Season 1 Episode 1
Entrepreneurship on the RISE
Natalie Hodge on Representation of Small-Town Stories
Show Notes

When you think of television and film, your brain automatically connects to the big stories coming out of LA, but it’s the small-town stories that are the ones that hold so much value in their telling. This week, episode 1 of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast is about the representation of small-town stories!

In this episode of Entrepreneurship on the RISE Podcast, Jacob and Lauren, joined by their guest Natalie Hodge are sharing the importance of shedding light on the underrepresented stories in our communities and the power behind one person’s dream to create a snowball effect of impact. Some of the talking points we go over in this episode include:

  • Natalie’s life growing up as the daughter of an entrepreneur and how the lessons she learned as a child translated into her career as an adult.
  • Uncovering your passions through experimentation and being open to new opportunities. 
  • Pivoting and having the tenacity to succeed no matter the obstacle. 
  • The importance of representation and telling the stories of underrepresented communities on the big screen. 
  • How every experience and pivot in Natalie’s life led to her owning her own media company helping others share their stories. 

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